VIS Hybrid House

The VIS Hybrid House combines a unique sustainable wood construction tech with the production of clean food and air. It reduces radically the carbon footprint in living and nutrition. The integrated farming system offers an opportunity to grow almost any edible plants while offering a clean microclimate and a symbiosis with the nature.

VIS Tech

The Vacuum Insulation System has been developed in The Aalto University by Pasi Herranen and Panu Miettinen since 2015 and it has international patents pending in 8 areas. The technique combines wood engineering with vacuum drying and creates sustainable wood elements that are completely moisture resistant and have an extremely long life span. The VIS elements can be utilized as roof, wall or floor structures, and in the future we are aiming to operate with VIS technology even in underground basements.

VIS-panel test plant / greenhouse in Luonnonvarakeskus, Piikkiƶ

Hybrid House system

VIS Hybrid House its organized around open living areas using a flexible spatial system. The warm living areas are extended in the top floor and the terrace level by glazed outdoor spaces. The clean architecture of the building is created using carefully curated sustainable surface materials and simple detailing. The VIS construction method is easy and fast to instal.

The southern side of VIS Hybrid House is sheltered by a winter garden and a glazed terrace

The vertical farm in the basement of the house produces all the fresh food and the oxygen needed in the house.

Functional digram of the VIS Hybrid House – click for animation


The Hybrid House system can be built as individual houses, detached houses, row houses or village scale developments. The green house unit of the system can be integrated to apartment houses or commercial developments.

VIS House scaling options

Project team

Pekka Pakkanen, Qiubing Liu

in co-operation with Pasi Herranen, Panu Miettinen, Teppo Toivonen and Vahid Arabzadeh


VIS House