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Pittsburg climbing hall

Pittsburg climbing hall

28 Jun , 2019  

Pittsburg Moments Climbing hall for the Hazelwood Green -development reaches its concept phase. The hall works as an open communal center and exhibits its functions to the outside. The concept of the climbing hall is designed to be carbon neutral and energy passive. The project is designed in co-operation with Moments Climbing and Walltopia.

Circular City Village

Circular City Village

11 Jun , 2019  

Circular City Village is accepted in the Kehittyvä kerrostalo -program of the City of Helsinki. The project develops the themes of village living and circular economy including the re-use of construction materials in an urban context in Jätkäsaari. The project is designed in co-operation with Pete Halsall and Kimmo Rönkä.

Service Station of the Future

Service Station of the Future

7 Jun , 2019  

First prize in the “Service Station of the Future”-competition for Neste and the Tuusula Housing fair in 2020. The competition entry proposed a variety of services packed in prefabricated timber-structured modules that are equipped with smart technologies.


To find and promote practical solutions to the grand challenges which our planet is facing in the future. We are an organization and a platform that focuses on the ideas needed for sustainable life in built environments. Our work grows from research based data and a high level of commitment.



We are highly experienced architects of most demanding projects.


We gather and analyze data to shape the built environment to be more suitable for people to thrive in.


We deliver customized lectures and research work. Our expertise lies in timber construction, new building typologies, renewable energy integrations and resource efficient urban farming.


Architect Pekka Pakkanen has worked as the chief designer of the Allas Sea Pool and Serlachius Museum Gösta. He was the local architect for the Guggenheim Helsinki Architectural competition winning entry. In 2018 Pekka and Tuija Pakkanen won the “Feeding the next billion” category of the one of the biggest innovation competitions, The XPRIZE Visioneering.

Architect Simon Mahringer has been trained at the ETH Zurich and worked with wood for almost his entire career. For many years he was a project leader for Peter Zumthor in Haldenstein and taught timber architecture in Germany. Currently he has a teaching position at the Aalto University in Helsinki.

Tuija Pakkanen is geographer and analyst who handles data to make urban areas better places for people to live in. As an enthusiast of making the world a better place, she has years of experience working in developing countries. In addition, she is a Singularity University GSP17 alumni.


We are gathering a network of specialists. Please join our network if you want to be part of solving challenges that affect the realities and life conditions on our planet!

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