Solar Foods urban factory and showroom concepts

Solar Foods is looking for a site for their first Solein Protein factory with their headquarters and a visitor experience center on a central city location. Our task was to define three architectural concepts for three different urban plots: alongside a street, in the corner of a block and a freestanding one. The three concepts are designed to share and exhibit the innovative and sustainable values of Solar Foods. The concept of the experience center is both the exhibit the global challenges that need to be tackled and the solutions that lie in the products of Solar Foods.

The task in the larger context

In all closed or circular food production technologies one of the greatest challenges has been to come up with protein. Solar Foods, a Finnish food tech company has managed to create a technique that separates carbon dioxide from the air and turns this into eatable protein.

From an urban planning point of view the centers of our cities have been losing all of their previous production facilities leaving them for commercial facilities, housing and offices. The ground floors of the city block seldom offer interesting views for by passers. 

Street life -concept for a tight urban plot
Courtyard -concept with outdoor event space
Heliocentric concept with public ground floor
Laboratory view

Project team

Pekka Pakkanen, Anna Kontuniemi, Ida Fraser


Solar Foods