Solar Foods Solein Factory concept

A design for an off grid factory concept that uses solar energy to capture CO2 from thin air and cook it with bacteria to create eatable protein. The facility is composed of a solar energy production field, CO2-capturing installations and the production facility.

The task in a larger context

In all closed or circular food production technologies one of the greatest challenges has been to come up with protein. Solar Foods, a Finnish food tech company has managed to create a technique that separates carbon dioxide from the air and turns this into eatable protein.
What they asked us to do was to create an architectural concept for their facilities so that in the future the protein could be developed in the places where it is consumed.

Our solution

The Factory is designed to be surrounded by the energy production field and the CO2 capture units to create a grand entrance route. The round volume of the building is optimized spatially both for heating and cooling needs. The facades create a continuous solar reflector to keep the extra heat out in hotter climates. The roof windows allow indirect natural light in to minimize the need for artificial lighting.

Project team

Pekka Pakkanen, Simon Mahringer, Benjamin Schulman


Solar Foods