Biodiversity building

The Biodiversity Building project tackles present biodiversity crisis using three different approaches: The research part studies the effects of various construction materials and their production on the biodiversity of their original source. The project is designed to reduce earthworks, replacement of soil and quarrying, thus preserving the biodiversity of the soil during the construction process. The co-creation part of the project builds models for the inhabitants of the building to grow their own food minimizing the effects of agriculture on nature.

Preserving the natural values of the site

The chosen construction and the use of the building are designed to maintain the existing natural values and to add to them during the lifespan of the building. To reach this the project has chosen the following stretegic approaches.

The project utilizes prefabricated spatial timber elements to minimize the footprint of the construction work on site.

The common outdoor areas: recreation, play and outdoor services are located on the wide living corridors and the open attic floor of the building.

The construction site is not filled and flattened for the common reasons of construction logistics, fire engine routes and laying heavy concrete foundations.

Special quality of life in the biodiversity building

The building concept frees the apartment level sidewalks from fire regulation usage restrictions using a unique fire exit organization. Thus the sidewalks can be used as the common space and utilized for multiple functions from growing tomatoes to fixing bicycles.

Multipurpose living sidewalk view

The open living attic floor offers long views and maximizes natural light both for people and gardening activities. The open spaces between the storages and utility rooms can be organized freely to host the activities desired by the inhabitants. The attic has lift access so it is easily accessed also by wheel chair.

Open attic floor view

The apartments offer flexible open space that can be organized of divided using light furniture. Most of the solid wooden surfaces are exposed.

Basic apartment interior
Modular elements of the biodiversity building

Link to project mid report (in Finnish only):

Project team

Pekka Pakkanen, Anna Kontuniemi, Qiubing Liu

in co-operation with Helma Landscape Architects, Timberbros and KK-Palokonsultit