Serlachius Art Sauna

Serlachius Art Sauna is designed in co-operation between Mendoza Partida Architectural Studio, BAX Studio and Planetary Architecture. The Sauna is being built in the national heritage park surrounding the Serlachius Art Museum in Mänttä. This architectural project mixes the sauna experience with exposure to carefully picked pieces of art. The Art Sauna will be opened to public in summer 2022.

Project team

Chief designer Pekka Pakkanen, Project architect Anna Kontuniemi, Antti Mikola and Simon Mahringer

in co-operation with Architects Mara Partida, Hector Mendoza and Boris Bezan, Landscape Architect Gretel Hemgård, Structural engineer Konsultointi Kekki, HVAC Sweco, Construction Management Siriuspro and Ramboll


Serlachius Art Foundation