Garden home

The Garden home is a project designed to be built for the Loviisa Housing fair in 2023. It is a townhouse with timber built apartments topped by greenhouses for private gardening and flexible indoor-outdoor living.

Special quality of life in the Garden home

The greenhouses collect the warmth of the sun creating a long harvest season for an indoor farmer or one that wants to enjoy the possibility of enlarged living areas on the sheltered terraces.

The greenhouses can be equipped with efficient hydroponic food production techniques, with simple planters filled with soil or anything between these.

The terrace spaces offer functional flexibility to the life span of the building. They can serve as naturally lit continuation of the living rooms, places for play and social gathering or can be equipped with facilities for remote working.

Garden terrace view

The glazed seaside facades shelter the townhouses from exposure to the winds allowing the sunlight in.

Sea / South facade

The townhouses are clad with shingles from the northern side.

Park / North facade
Basic apartment floorplans

Project team

Pekka Pakkanen, Antti Mikola

in co-operation with Robert Jordas and Kalevi Ilonen


Joint building